Nathaniel Moher is a former rapper turned WGC Award nominated/Leo Award winning writer from Vancouver, Canada.  Recent credits include The Disney/YTV animated series Go Away, Unicorn, APTN’s drama Smoke(d), YTV/Netflix’s half-hour sitcom Some Assembly Required, YTV/Disney’s sitcom Mr. Young, City TV/Hulu’s sitcom Package Deal, and Disney/Netflix’s series Pup Academy. His MOW, Hopeless Romantic, premiered on the Pixl network in 2016. He’s also worked in theatre, with his play, The Night We Missed The Apocalypse, which he co-wrote, premiering in 2012 at The Cultch in Vancouver, Canada. Beyond his film and television writing, Nathaniel has written for various publications, some of which include The Gabriola Sounder, Backofthebook.ca, and The Flying Shingle.


Leo Awards

Nathaniel fighting over his Leo award with Ryan W. Smith